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Welcome To The Resistance: Breathe

Ava - Official FB post - look1.png

Available to rent and own soon!

Set in the universe of my novel, Welcome To The Resistance (You can read the first chapter for free here:).

I quickly realized that the novel was laying the ground work for some fascinating stories and that some needed to be visual vs written. So Breathe was born.


WTTR: Breathe follows four women as they desperately try to escape under the border wall and into Canada. 

COVID hit as we were editing. Because GTTF! prides itself on putting the health and wellbeing of crew first it’s taken some time to get through post but it’s well worth the wait.

Starring Amirah Counts as Camellia Abidi-Khan, Christina Rose as Ava Abidi-Khan, Brihtney O’Brien as Dr. Donna Bolton, Lori Leah Monet as Mariam Walker, and Aga Kistler as Sadie Bosko-Rousseu.

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