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Sweet On You

Sweet on you is a queer indie dramedy written for everyone that was #TeamRiley when watching The Happiest Season. Or maybe just want more Kristin Stewart and Aubrey Plaza on their screens.

Sweet on you is about delicious pastries, stunning cake art, and reconnecting with childhood sweethearts.

Executive Pastry Chef Samantha “Sam” Briggs (hoping to cast Kristin Stewart) runs into her former childhood sweetheart, Dr. Alicia Riviera (hoping to cast Aubrey Plaza) when Sam’s mom (hoping to cast Jodie Foster) ends up in Alicia’s hospital.

Will this chance encounter rekindle an old romance or remind them why things ended? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out ;)

If you want to see the dream cast and mood boards you can check out Sweet On You’s Pinterest here:


Some screenshots from the

Sweet on You storyboards. To give a taste of what the film will look like.

Some of my personal favorite beats are the quiet ones like Joy and Rhonda (hope to cast Jodie Foster and Wanda Sykes) reading in the hospital bed. We rarely get to see healthy happy sapphic relationships with women that over over 50.

Sprinkle Covered Cake
Rainbow Cake
Heart Shape
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