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Nyx, Nox, Nôtt: NYX

A standalone action dramedy with franchise potential written by Shannon Massey Smith, (with some additional ideas on an early draft from JD Glass).

Take roles that have been tailored for Charlize Theron, Aisha Tyler, Michelle Yeoh, and Cate Blanchett

Now add all the queer BIPOC supporting roles and a dash of danger.

You have Nyx, Nox, Nôtt: Nyx

Nyx, Nox, Nott: Nyx. Special Agent Anika Nyx" Jansen-Williams (hoping to cast Charlize Theron) teams up with her former partner, Xiang Nox Lin (hoping to cast Michelle Yeoh) after their spouse's Land dedication and non-denominational holiday party is overrun by Genevieve Buchanan and her bad dudes with guns (think Lesbian Die Hard).


A few screenshots from the 

storyboards for Nyx.

The fun shot names won’t stay in the storyboards that 

was just us having fun while putting them together because we found it funny and hoped  to give other folks a chuckle too.

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