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Available Services

Pre Production

Need help getting your project ready for production? We can help! With teams around the world we can help regardless of where you’re located. Any project, any time. We’re here to help get you from development to production with as few headaches as possible.

Sensitivity Reads

Are you worried your project may be problematic? Our owner, Shannon Massey Smith, can help! She has been woking as a sensitivity reader casually since ’02 professionally since ’04. For a complete list please click here


In addition to creating original content we can help you create your own. With teams around the world ready to rock we can do it all. Everything from commercials to filming your child's third grade recital. Marketing/Branding videos to features and anything in between. Let Girls To The Front! help you create and thrive.

Script Doctoring

Script doctors bave been getting a bad rap because unqualified @$$hats think they have what it takes to do this job. Guess what? Our owner is one of the good ones and she has helped clients win awards, fellowships, labs, incubators, get staffed and get optioned. She’s also helped producers lock funding or save productions. Let her help you!

Post Production

You managed to get through pre-production, you had a wonderful time on set, now what? We have teams around teh world capable of handling all of your post production needs. Everything from editing, sound design, colorists, VFX, you name it we can help you make it happen.


Ghostwriters, like script doctors, are getting a bad rap lately. Don’t worry our Owner, Shannon Massey Smith, is one of the good ones. As with Sensitivity Reads and Script doctoring, she’s been doing this for decades. She's worked on hundreds of projects, screen and prose, but you’ll never hear her name, this is because she believes it’s the ghostwriters duty to help others succeed while staying in the shadows. She can be hired for screen or prose and works within most budgets.


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