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Grace Note


Amara Sinclair (played by Erin Tuñon)

Currently in post production!


Written by Jax Meyer. Grace Note is a film about two people that need a little help finding each other.

Mik is a nonbinary singer/songwriter too focused on their career to date.

Amara is a lesbian romance author looking for love she doesn’t have to write.

Amara meets Mik on a dating app. She’s nervous but excited for their first date. The only problem? Mik has never used a dating app.

Want to see what happens? Stay tuned!

We had an amazing production team that consisted exclusively of women and non binary filmmakers. It was a empowering and uplifting shoot, even if we were fighting traffic noise and daylight the entire time haha


Mik Jamison (played by Erin Manker)

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